Providing Health Promotion Inventions Based on
Mathematical Inference

Since 2006

Replicon Health Oy/Ltd.    "Replacing Excessive Use of Antibiotics and Antimicrobials"

Replicon Health is a Finnish development and commercialization company focusing in reducing acute and chronic inflammation and microbial infections. Our novel patent pending technology is based on several simultaneous enhancements of mitochondrial energy metabolism creating strong and sustained efficacy. Our molecule family (RH activators) can enhance fundamental pathways related to aerobic energy metabolism, ROS scavenging, inflammation control, and even activating of the immune defences. We aim at fast market entry with carefully selected medical and/or nutraceutical solution. Importantly, also our production technology is environmentally sustainable.

Our innovation is based on reduced econometric modelling of ultra-complicated biological systems. With created low cost and high return strategy and in line with EMA guidelines we have already been able to show in vivo product efficacy in multiple tests with high statistical certainty. Our patented molecule formulation can uniquely influence the causes of many diseases and disorders, not just alleviate the symptoms. Our total potential market is in excess of ten billion USD and feasible sales potential in selected markets is clearly above 100 million USD annually.


03/2017 Confirmatory double controlled challenge study has reached its main end points. Conducted two latest efficacy studies now confirm that RH -activators can replace antimicrobial agents in practical applications. Both studies were conducted by independent experts and relevant efficacy results deviate statistically significantly from 0-control (placebo group) in both. Additionally, the test set-up was demanding in both studies. 

01/2017 Double controlled challenge study conducted in Oct - Nov 2016 has reached its primary end points. Additionally dose responses were consistent in the study thus confirming positive results. Second test has already been initiated.  

10/2016 Replicon Health initiates a series of large scale efficacy studies for commercialization.

01/2016 Replicon Health has filed two additional patent applications related to its main invention thus extending the already massive coverage of the IPRs and furthermore confirming the proof of concept of the main invention.